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The Hot Years Magazine is a quarterly publication all about menopause that provides holistic, easy to understand and actionable health and wellness information for midlife.

You’ll discover evidence-based health information, lifestyle tips, exercise videos, menopause-friendly recipes and much more so you can figure it out and not have to tough it out!

With over 45,000 app downloads and 10,000 subscribers to date, it’s the leading magazine for menopausal and perimenopausal women looking to take control of their health.

The #1 Menopause Magazine

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Inside Issue 56: Issue 56 is focused on sexuality and intimacy in perimenopause and menopause. Discover common causes of pain, all about dryness, medications that cause and treat sexual problems, sexual aids to increase your mojo, sex after heart attack and more.

Editorial: Drs. Mache and Sharon Seibel discuss the importance of sexuality and intimacy in menopause and provide an overview of all things that impact and things that can improve this important area of life during and after menopause

Vestibulodynia: A Common, Little Known Cause of Pain: Dr. Lori Brotto, PhD describes vestibulodynia, also known as vulvodynia or provoked vestibulodynia when the opening of the vaginal area is very painful when touched.

Medications that Treat Sexual Problems: If you are suffering with painful sex or low desire, here are the medications you should be discussing with your healthcare provider.

Sex and Menopause: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Sexual satisfaction can remain great in both sexes, but there are definitely things that everyone should know about as they transition through menopause.

How Dry I Am: If you are feeling dry as the Sahara, there are a lot of effective options to change that. Vaginal dryness is definitely treatable. Find out all the options available to you.

Hormonal Treatments for Vaginal Dryness: Discover the many hormonal and prescription options available to treat vaginal dryness.

Hot Years Exercises with Josie Gardiner: Get easy-to-do exercises for both the legs and hips. These stretches are an important part of a pleasurable sexual experience

Vaginal Dilators: What You Need to Know: If you’ve ever felt like things have gotten smaller down below, either because you’re not sexually active or you’ve had radiation or some other treatment that changed things for the worse, vaginal dilators may be just what you need.

Is Sex Safe After a Heart Attack?: Heart attacks are both common and a serious health issue. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to prevent you and your partner from having a satisfying sexual relationship.

Sexual Aids to Increase Your Mojo: There are many sexual aids available. This discussion will help you decide if a sexual aid is right for you.

Exercise Improves Libido Caused by Depression Meds: Antidepressants are an important and widely used treatment for depression, but they often lower libido. Exercise can help.

Wondering Why You’ve Lost Your Mojo? The Answer May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet!: When it comes to lower sex drive, medications are among the most common reasons and one of the most fixable.

Plant Burger Recipe: Courtesy of Community Servings, this recipe incorporates chickpeas, carrots, feta, shallots, garlic and oregano into a delicious burger, accentuated with a yogurt dip.

Pop the Cork: Original Music Music and lyrics written by Dr. Mache Seibel, and performed by Ben Schwendener, Bridget Kearney, Mike Calabrise and sung by Melinda Stanford.  Engineered by Dreamworld Productions.

Past Issues

  • Discover the latest information on hormones and sleep
  • Get expert interviews on weight control, hot flashes, better sex, hormone therapy
  • Enjoy exercise tips, recipes, latest health information and much more
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine
The Hot Years Magazine, the #1 Menopause Magaine