Hormones Herbs and Estrogen Alternatives Webinar

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Estrogen, No Estrogen, Alternatives to Estrogen — Definitely the most common questions I’m asked by women seeking relief from their symptoms. You’ll learn the newest data on estrogen safety and all about three new prescription medications recently approved by the FDA as well as which supplements are most likely to work.

1 review for Hormones Herbs and Estrogen Alternatives Webinar

  1. Ari

    I think I’ve been in perimenopause for the past deacde. There’s no way of telling how long it will last. Don’t believe the BS about being able to gauge yourself based on your family history. I am already older than both my mother and grandmother were when they made it to menopause, and I have no signs of slowing down (dammit).I’ve also heard that a doctor can do a test to estimate how close you are to menopause. I don’t have medical insurance, so I wouldn’t know that for sure. (There used to be a home test to check, but a nurse practitioner told me that they weren’t very accurate. That may be why I haven’t seen them on store shelves for a while.)Sorry, I can’t help you. Just know that you’re not alone, and that you’re not the only one suffering.

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