Protect Your Hair from Summer

Protect Your Hair from Summer

Outdoor activities make summer a joy. These hair care tips will protect your hair from summer.

As the weather heats up this summer, we are often invited to enjoy outdoor festivities such as taking a dip in the pool, teaming up for beach volleyball, enjoying family picnics and BBQs, and maybe catch some waves. Award-winning hair colorist, Mia from Color by Mia, has provided hair care tips to protecting hair while enjoying outdoor summer activities. Mia says…

The next time you take a cooling dip in the pool, remember you’re swimming in bleach


No matter what your hair color is, the sun will lighten all shades of hair. It can also cause damage to hair from the cuticle to its inner structure, if exposed to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays for a long period of time. That is why it’s important to protect hair during long summer days. Here’s what it can do to your color:


• Blondes & Grays: This can be great news for blondes or grays who might want a color tune-up. The sun will add natural, yet complimentary highlights to these shades of hair.

• Reds: Natural red heads especially should be cautious in the sun. Hair is typically dryer than other colors. Whether the color is naturally fierce or boldly dyed, the sun will fade hair color quickly.

• Brunettes/Blacks: The sun may either tarnish gorgeous brunette hair, or can add some cool, natural highlights in red the sun will add natural, yet complimentary highlights to blond and gray hair or caramel shades, depending on your hair. For brunettes whose color tends to dull from summer sun, try adding a toner to take out the unwanted brassy tone.

To protect all hair colors during summer activities, I advise applying a deep conditioner to dry hair and tying into a braid. Top it off by donning a gorgeous hat that will guard your precious skin and hair from harmful rays.

Protect Your Hair From Summer Sun4CHLORINE

Chlorine is hair color kryptonite! The next time you take a cooling dip in the pool, remember that you are swimming in BLEACH. Chlorine will fry and dry out all hair types – natural or tinted. Additionally, it will remove any keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout on contact. For specific hair colors, bleach will:

• Blondes: Turns beautiful blondes to a teal green.

• Reds: Chlorine will strip the vibrant pigment right out of the hair.

• Brunettes: Will make hair appear brassy. Feel like you’re going to miss out on all of the pool fun? Don’t distress – you can always shampoo the chlorine right out. Just make sure to do so immediately.


Sweat is actually harmless to hair color, so feel free to sweat away in the hot summer air!


Salt water will cause all hair types to dry out, but as long as it is rinsed out immediately following a beach outing, hair should be fine. However, both remain true for chlorine and salt water—they will ruin any keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout. So be cautious of upcoming summer activities before you make that appointment at the salon.

The sun will add natural, yet complimentary highlights to blond and gray hair


To extenuate sun-kissed color, gather hair into a high, neat bun. This will allow the sun to reach the strands of hair that are usually hidden underneath-for a little sun exposure, but not too much. You can also try Balayage accents around the hairline, which will continue to brighten throughout the summer.



About Mia: Mia is a hair color specialist who trained in San Francisco, Paris, New York, London, Miami, and L.A. She has worked as a sought after colorist at premiere san Francisco salons such as Architects and heroes and DiPietro Todd. Mia’s work was recommended by Allure magazine and has been voted as “Best Hair Color” for several awards such as the San Francisco magazine’s Best of the Bay Area awards. She is the creator of the premiere anti-aging hair treatment called HALO. For more information on Mia, please visit