Ban The Evening News

Ban The Evening NewsDo you watch the evening news? I used to.  Just before going to bed I’d sit down with a nice cup of hot tea and look for good news I wanted to hear about. But I never saw any good news; just the latest rape, murder, disaster, killing, hurricane, financial disaster, etc, etc, etc.

Not surprisingly, instead of sweet dreams, my dreams reflected the bad news due to a concept called dream incubation. The last thing we think about tends to focus our dreams on that item – a kind of problem solving technique that can be very helpful.

My solution is simple: ban the evening news. Replace it with a Good News Channel. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the weather is going to be sunny so enjoy it, or it’s going to rain and we won’t have to worry about our plants.

We could be told about the good deeds people are doing all around us or new discoveries that are being made to help us stay well. We’d be updated on the latest tips for happiness or how people are balancing their lives and feeling fulfilled. And then we’d go to bed right after that and dream happy dreams. No bad news after 7 pm.

Let’s replace the Evening News with Good News. Sleep on that!