3 Easy Exercises to Ease Knee Pain! – Suzanne Andrews

Joint and knee pain is common in menopause.

But you don’t let bad knees keep you from doing all the things you love to do.

In 10 studies focusing on relieving knee pain, the most effective exercises were ones that focused on your quadriceps (thighs) and hips. Below are three of the most effective physical therapy exercises you can do to relieve knee pain. If you’re in too much pain to stand up, you can do the chair version!

Toe Taps Forward

1. Put on some motivating music and supportive walking shoes. Sit or stand and walk in place by tapping your toes forward. Tighten up your legs each time you toe tap as this will contract your quadriceps muscles. Stronger quadriceps help to support your knees. Swing your arms gently as you move your legs. Keep your chin parallel to the ground. Sit or stand up straight as you tap your toes in front of you. Do for at least one entire song.

High Knee Marching

2. Start off marching on the spot. Keep your rib cage lifted, shoulders upright and raise your knees as high as you can aiming to bring your knees up to hip level. Whether you’re sitting or standing, focus on keeping your spine in correct alignment as you march in place. Pump your arms up and down in rhythm with your steps, keeping your elbows bent as you swing your arms. Do for one entire song.

Leg Abduction with Functional Fitness Band

3. Wrap the Functional Fitness band around your thighs and pull one leg out to the side and back in. Make sure to take a full two seconds to bring your leg out to the side and 2 seconds to bring your leg back to starting position each time. You will get faster and safer results when you don’t rush and use controlled movements. Do this for one minute on each side.

Thanks for taking the time to be with a very important person – YOU! For best results do 3 – 5x a week.

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