Suzanne’s Triceps Tips

Metabolism changes after menopause, but there are ways to overcome those changes

Do you ever feel that when it comes to weight loss, a turtle has a faster metabolism than you? Many exercisers feel that to compensate for a slow metabolism they have to move their body as quickly as possible during a workout. They think that more movement leads to more energy consumption, which leads to more fat loss and greater strength. However, when it comes to workouts after age 50, slower is often better.

You may wonder why slow weight lifting is much more effective than fast weight training. It’s because during a slow workout, the muscles are contracted for a longer period of time during each lift. For example, a triceps extension with a 4 second count on the lift phase requires your muscle to lift 4 times longer.

Your triceps muscle (that’s the muscle on the back of your arm that tends to jiggle as we ladies get older) responds by adapting to this longer period of resistance and therefore, becomes stronger much more quickly than had you lifted your arm for only one second.

Simply put, slower motions mean faster toned muscles.

Triceps Tips for Younger Arms in Only 30 Days

This exercise is a great arm flab buster. You can change the way your arms look in just 30 days

Suzanne’s Triceps Tips
With a weight, bend over keeping your back as flat as possible.

2 Place your elbow at waist level and with control, extend your arm back.




Suzanne’s Triceps Tips1
Allow two counts to bring your arm back to its starting position and repeat motion for one full set of 12 repetitions.

4 Now repeat on other side. Use enough weight that the last repetition is very challenging.



Overhead Triceps Extensions

Slow and steady exercise builds muscle strength and improves lung capacity

Suzanne’s Triceps Tips21 Lift your arms up with your weight positioned directly over your head.

2 Now lower the dumbbell in a controlled motion behind your head.

3 Lift your arms up overhead making sure to straighten your arms without locking your elbows. Repeat exercises 12 times.



If your muscles shake, don’t worry about it because your muscles must be placed under enough strain to become fatigued on the last repetition to get the best results. When the muscles you’re working becomes tired, they adapt to this new standard of resistance so they can avoid fatigue in the future.

Exercise can help you overcome fatigue by developing your skeletal muscles. That will help you have the strength you need to get through the day. Your activities will become easier to perform because you will have improved lung capacity, a lower resting heart rate, improved oxygen saturation in the blood and lower cholesterol. These plus overall increased muscle mass make menopausal exercisers feel younger and lose weight faster.

But slow is the way to go! It’s more effective and makes it less likely that weight trainers perform movements incorrectly, which can lead to injuries.

Slow and Steady Prevents Injury

Even when performed correctly, strength training movements that are performed very quickly can cause ‘overuse injuries’

When adding strength training into your weight loss routine, aim for 3 days a week, every other day. When it comes to injury prevention, slow and steady wins the race. Injuries are not only bad for the body, they make it difficult to continue strength training exercises. And that can have a very negative impact on your overall weight loss results.

When learning slow strength training techniques, the most important thing is to learn and use proper form. This will pre-vent injury and make the workouts more effective.

Begin each fitness routine with a light weight and work your way up to heavier loads. No matter your age, your muscles will respond to lifting weights. Focus on exercising to be functional, that is exercising to promote full range of motion and strength, so you increase your ability to perform all of your daily living activities and have a better quality of life. Exercising also helps to maintain hormonal balance which is vital for menopause and helps your organs operate at their best ability.

So next time you think about getting stronger, losing weight faster, and feeling younger, don’t let the thought of those high-impact, fast workouts made for a 20 year old scare you away. Just try a slower functional approach which is sure to be gentler on your joints and just like the turtle and the hare, faster to the finish line than a high speed workout. Being a turtle isn’t bad after all; determination and consistency win every time.