Bone Strengthening Exercises – How to Protect Your Bones as You Age

Bone Strengthening Exercises – How to Protect Your Bones as You Age

Suzanne Andrews, PBS star of Functional Fitness offers these exercises to protect your bones and keep your shoulders and hips strong.

Left to right: Suzanne Andews, Occupational Therapist/L with 4 lb weights, Glenn Edison Poyer, Certified Personal Trainer performing the seated version with 2 lb weights and Alina Z, Certified Health Coach performing the modified version with 1 lb water bottles. More of these exercises can be found in Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews Younger in 30 Days DVD.

Listen to Bone Strengthening Exercises, from Dr. Seibel’s Let’s Move CD

Elbow Flexion (Bicep Curls) – Bone Strengthening Exercises

Protect your shoulder’s bones by strengthening your biceps (the muscle you make when you bend your elbow) and your deltoids muscles (on top of your shoulders) with these simple moves.

You use your bicep muscles every time you carry shopping or grocery bags or pick things up so keep them strong.

Bone Strengthening Exercises

Bone Strengthening Exercises

You can do this move sitting at your desk or standing up.

  1. Keep your elbow stationary at your waist.
  2. Begin by extending your arm all the way down until your arm is straight at your side. Bend your elbow towards your chest and repeat.

Tip:  If you want fast results, take 2 counts to lift the weight and 2 counts to let it down with a controlled movement. Make sure to keep your palm supinated (side up) and in line with your wrist.  Don’t allow your wrist to wobble. You can start with a water bottle, and gradually add more weight when you can easily do one set of 15.  Make it your goal to complete 2 sets of 15 with a one minute rest in between sets.

Hip and Shoulder Strengthener – Bone Strengthening Exercises

  1. Stand and lift one knee up so it’s in line with your hip (Hip Flexion).
  2. Raise your arms to shoulder level with a dumbbell as shown here.
  3. Lower your leg and your arms at the same time, repeat by lifting opposite knee up and both arms at the same time. When this becomes easy you can add ankle weights beginning with 1 lb.  Aim for 2 sets of 15 with a one minute rest in between.