Ten Reasons to Lose Weight

Before 1980, less than 1 in 10 people were obese. Thirty years later, these rates have tripled; two of three people are overweight or obese. But obesity is not about looks; it’s about healthy living. So here are…

Ten Reasons to Lose Weight

  1. Obese people have three times increased risk of death compared to healthy weight people.
  2. Obesity shortens life by 8 to 10 years.
  3. The risk of early death increases by 30% for every 33 extra pounds.
  4. Healthcare costs of obesity now exceed the healthcare costs of smoking.
  5. Obesity is a disease that alters a person’s pulmonary, hormonal and immunologic functions.
  6. Obesity leads to a condition called metabolic syndrome.
  7. Obesity leads to a loss of self-esteem that starts in adolescents.
  8. Obese people often earn less money both due to increased illness and lower self-esteem and its role on lower wages.
  9. Obesity leads to increased risk of knee pain and knee surgery.
  10. Obese women in perimenopause have more hot flashes than thinner women.

Are you overweight or obese? Some people don’t realize that they are. Here is a simple chart from dietpower.com to tell you. Just find your height on the left hand column and follow it over to your weight.

If you fall in the green numbers you are a healthy weight. If you are in the blue colors you are overweight. If your weight is a red color, you are obese. BMI across the bottom stands for Body Mass Index. It’s a formula that doctors use to calculate obesity.

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