Basil Soda Fashion Spring/Summer 2014

Basil Soda Fashion provides every aspect of a modern day woman’s life, from day-wear to signature evening-wear.

About the Designer

BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20141BASILSODA Spring:Summer 2014Basil Soda’s journey began with a specialization in architecture which lead him back to his first love, Fashion Design. In the year 2000 he decided to embark on his own and establish his Fashion House. His unique expertise in design and construction has allowed him to master the perfect cut and fit, always playing on the duality of a woman; hopelessly romantic yet mysteriously dark.

His attire has adorned celebrities like Katy Perry, Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard, Morena Baccarrin, and many more gracing the red carpet award seasons with their one of a kind Basil Soda creations.



BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20142Alongside his Couture line, his Ready-to-Wear collection was launched in 2010. Basil Soda RTW can be found in cities all over the world, from New York, Washington, London, Cannes, Moscow, Dubai, Beirut, all the way to Taiwan.

The Basil Soda woman is exploring new grounds this season, in search of a lighter attitude and a sense of freshness.  Explosions of color, sleek tailoring, and exuberant shapes compliments a youthful state of mind for an effortless look.  Modern geometric cuts are inspired by different techniques of folding and pleating. Splashes of stone and metal embroideries add streaks of lively colors.

BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20147BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20146BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20145BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20144BASILSODA Spring:Summer 20143

The various range of unexpected fabrics create an interesting palette to play with such as; perforated cottons, abstract floral prints, unconventional laces, along with silk satins and crepe georgettes adding a touch of romanticism embellishment that compliments met-al rose accessories hugging the body.