Menopause – An Opportunity For Gain

Many women dread menopause so much they call it “dreadopause.”

But menopause is a natural time of life that also offers an opportunity for gain.

For some who have not completed childbearing either because they started too late or it just took too long, there is the loss of reproductive potential and the child who might have been. But it is also a time to throw away birth control and enjoy making love without worry of getting pregnant. For others, there is a loss of youth – a sense that time is fleeting and much of it is already flown by. Children grow up and leave the nest and there is a sense of grief and loss though no one has died. Parents age and leave us and time transitions from seemingly infinite to finite. On the other hand, we finally have the house to ourselves again; freedom to take trips when we want. Wisdom and knowledge gained from years of life experience.

if we feel good about ourselves a few wrinkles are just adding character

There is loss of control; skin not as smooth, bladder more sensitive, libido not as responsive, hot flashes when you need them least. And where did my estrogen go when I need it the most. Ah, but if we feel good about ourselves a few wrinkles are just adding character and if we still don’t like what we see there are cosmetic dermatologists. Hot flashes and the other symptoms have multiple treatments and will eventually pass and estrogen, well, it still can be taken safely once you learn about your estrogen window.

It’s all in how you frame it. Yes there is some loss; and there is also opportunity for gain. Eventually menopause will come. Use the opportunity for gain.