Fact: Happy Couples Get More Sleep

Fact: Happy Couples Get More Sleep

Are you trying to get more sleep? There are lots of reasons why you may be having a sleep problem.

Now new findings from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveal that your level of marital satisfaction may be one reason for you to consider.

The study found that partners who sleep together in the same bed are awake or asleep at the same time 75% of the time. However, if the wife is more satisfied with her marriage, that percentage goes even higher.

It turns out that sleep is not just an individual behavior; it is a shared behavior between partners. And the more satisfied the wife is in her marriage, the more synchronized the couple’s sleep pattern and the more sleep you both get. It’s not just when you sleep; it’s also who you are sleeping with.

So if sleep is a major issue and you want to improve it, for some couples it may require couple’s therapy and not sleep therapy.