Stay Well: How to get to the next level

For most people, elevating themselves to a higher level is extremely challenging. It would be great if we could just buy a ticket, get a pilot to take us down a paved runway, lift off and achieve a new altitude.

In my experience, life doesn’t work that way. Getting ourselves to the next level is much more like climbing a mountain. We get a guide, go out and buy a pick and rope and stakes, and start our way up the mountain. It’s almost certain to result in a few scratches or bruises, a few setbacks or even a few broken bones. But at each level we pull ourselves back up the mountain we are trying to conquer, and eventually, with hard work, perseverance and support we make it to the top.

This is true whether it is in life, business or the business of trying to stay well. If we accept it will take work, persistence, guidance and a few cuts and scrapes along the way, each of us can take our life and our health to the next level. A little change each day can make a lot of difference. Start your ascent today.