Writing a Wrong: Positive Thinking

Writing a Wrong: Positive Thinking

Have you ever known people that are always saying something negative? As soon as something goes wrong they begin to speak in segments of speech that are etched in their mind from a primal script written long ago. “I’m always late for everything.” “I can never figure things out.” “I knew I wouldn’t get the job,” and many other similar comments.

What do you think would happen if those people were given a new script? Better yet, what if they actually sat down and wrote it for themselves; after all, it is their script. Imagine having a blank piece of paper and you are the writer – the script-writer!

You take out your pen or turn on your word processing document and begin to write down the positive reverse of the negative comments in your current script. “I often get things right.” “I usually get places on time.” “I’m good at figuring things out.” “I was a great candidate for that job and I know I’ll get selected the next time.”

Same outcome but different impact. Positive thinking and a good new script can change how you feel about an experience and keep the story line going in a positive way that makes the outcome much more likely to be favorable. All by writing a wrong.