Discover Therapeutic Exercise to Power Your Brain

Discover Therapeutic Exercise to Power Your Brain

Exercise is not only good for your body; it’s good for your mind. Here are some exercises to help power your brain.

Scientists once thought that the brain developed until a certain young age and then became rigid. We now know that the brain has neuroplasticity, that is, there is a capacity for neurons and their networks of the brain to continue changing in response to new information through brain exercises.  While many of us are aware of the benefit of doing mental exercises such as crossword puzzles or other brainteasers, physical brain exercises are also a potent tool to preventing age related memory loss.

These exercises increase your memory and concentration

Doctors and rehab specialists study how to intervene at the best moments to create ideal situations to stimulate cross-learning between the two sides of the brain. A simple example of this is a case where a paralyzed patient was able to use a harness and support to walk a treadmill, and this repetitive motion stimulated the opposite hemisphere of his brain to learn the functions needed to walk on his own. The following exercises are designed to stimulate your right and left side of your brain to increase your memory and concentration. So let’s power your brain!

Discover Therapeutic Exercise to Power Your Brain11. Brain Fuel

This exercise increases circulation and enhances mental health. Here’s how to do it:
– Inhale through your nose; lift both arms up and one leg back in a slow controlled move.
– Exhale and repeat with other leg.
– Do one set of 15x each morning.


Discover Therapeutic Exercise to Power Your Brain22. Brain fog eraser

– Begin with one arm at shoulder level.
– Bring your hand to your opposite knee and back to shoulder level.
– Repeat with the opposite arm
– Do 3 sets 15x once a day with each arm.
For more of challenge, try marching in place as you do this.