Stress, Lifestyle & Nutrition: Get Rid of Unnecessary Medication – Where Are You on the Spectrum?

Stress, Lifestyle & Nutrition: Get Rid of Unnecessary Medication – Where Are You on the Spectrum?

Did you know that by the age of 60, the average American woman is taking as many as 12 medications a day? This is usually a mix of prescription and over-the counter medications. If you are a television watcher, you hear and see a lot these days about the medications that might help you feel better.

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What is missing from all of these commercials is a critically important message.

The message is that you may have symptoms because your lifestyle is causing them, and if you alter your lifestyle with a series of simple steps, you may not need these medications and all the side effects they might impose.

Where to Begin?

As a Holistic Health Counselor, I am asked this question nearly every day. You can begin by taking an assessment of your physical, mental and emotional health and see how things shape up. Perhaps you are already taking a number of unnecessary medications and find yourself with side effects that cause you to need more medications. It may be time to step back and ask yourself, “How did I first get to feeling unwell?” Could it be too much stress in your life?

Could it be that you got on the junk food wagon and have forgotten what real food tastes like and how it can heal your body? Could it be that you are working too many hours and need more rest?

 The average American woman takes as many as 12 medications a day

The human body is truly amazing. Most of your major systems work automatically, with no conscious effort on your part, every day of your life. Imagine what it can do for you if you begin to treat it with care and respect.

They are designed to work well for many, many years if treated properly.

If you have a garden, you know that it requires light, air, nutrients and water to thrive. The same is true for your body.

A 5-Step Starter

Here is a 5-step program I recommend as a starter for making healthy changes in your life:

  • Look in your cabinets and refrigerator and remove the junk foods. Throw it away!
  • Fill your cabinets with nuts and grains and good quality oils and your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables and hormone free meats and fish
  • Eat more home cooked meals than you normally do
  • Walk for 30 minutes a day, either all at once or in segments
  • Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep nightly

You will be amazed how these simple steps will help you feel better and start to combat stress. When you take charge of your health, and invest in getting better, the benefits will show very quickly.

Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing which foods are healthy and which are not. The food industry is not helpful in this regard, so you need to do the research yourself or seek out the help from someone knowledgeable about healthy eating and lifestyle. Wendell Berry said, “People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health.”

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Potential Benefits

  • When you make positive changes in your lifestyle by eating good foods, managing your stress and getting proper rest and exercise, these are but a few of the many benefits that will come to you very quickly:
  • More energy – physically and mentally
  • Better quality sleep
  • Less need for medications
  • Looking better and feeling better
  • Lower risk for disease

The ‘Write’ Way to Get Started

  • Make a plan and take the time to write it down
  • Write down your goals
  • Write the steps you will take to get there
  • Seek out people who support you in meeting your goals
  • Begin today